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My name is Isabelle, I am French and married a kiwi 15 years ago. Since we met, we have lived in France for ten years with our two daughters, being fortunate enough to have moved from Provence to the Loire Valley and then to the West of Paris near Versailles. We also have a strong connection with the Bordeaux and Basque regions.


The French Art de Vivre is envied by many, and the charm of the countless villages, chateaux, cities, big and small, undeniable. France’s Art de vivre is a lot about food and wine, I would add sharing food and wine, as it is always paramount for us to share the good things with either family or friends. But France’s charm is also a lot about the ambiance, a nice table set with family heirlooms or pieces gathered from the many markets, nice linen on the beds or table (again), an art de vivre which is also extended to the garden.


France is also about its tradition and crafts, inherited from centuries of practice, celebrated and passed down the generations by passionate artisans.

After many years in the corporate world, I have decided to dedicate my energy bringing you some of the beautiful products that evoke quintessential France for me, and hopefully for you. I am sourcing the products directly from the artisan and selling them over the internet to propose them to you at the very best price. If you are in the Auckland region, I will be happy to organise for you to have a look at the products and …fall in Love.



What does it mean?


Cote France (Côté France with our quirky accents), means that I would like to enable you to  give your interior or garden a French flair, or feel as if you’re in France for a short while, as côté means appearance, look, as well as indicates a location. Voilà!


Cote France - French Artisan Products For Your home And Garden

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